Runway fashion, travel and lessons learned, intertwined with uncensored stories of my own. My purpose: to encourage others to embrace their mental health, explore their passions freely and let go of their insecurities. Women empower women, after all. This page is a platform for you to connect with your soul and have deeper conversations with like-minded people. At my core, I’m a learner; but I hope to pass on the few, though important, lessons I have learned and endured to you. So with all that being said, hello! My name is Chloe. I’m a bubbly 18 year old who grew up on the Sunshine Coast before moving to country Victoria. From blue skies, beaches and birks to living on a farm with my godparents and their three gorgeous kids. Gumboots, ponies and laughter. Life couldn’t be better. Show your support by subscribing, commenting or leaving a suggestion. Love, Chloe

  • Narelle.

    18th August 2019 by

    Today I have come to terms with the fact that my mum will never love me. She will never respect the boundaries I need. She will never be able to give me the love I truly deserve. This weekend I went to Queensland to spend 3 days with her and it has actually broke my… Read more

  • The girl behind the Blog

    12th August 2019 by

    Who am I? This whole blog so far has been all about what has happened to me and what has happened to my family. But in todays blog post I will be discussing who I am. Hi I am Chloe. Chloe Isabelle Julian. I am hilarious, I’ll leave you in stitches. From my sarcastic sense… Read more

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